Monday, January 17, 2011

Who's knocking on my mind door at 3am?

Who’s knocking on my mind door at 3am?

Okay I get it….FINALLY. The wee hours of the morning and me have been battling all week to see who could hold out the longest. Where is my post-it that reminds me it is usually the inklings of a new idea, messages from spirit or a breakthrough coming.

Today I surrender. AND BOY OH BOY! Did I ever. I surrendered gunk that has been soiling up my metamorphic pipes for 25 years or more. Today I surrendered to be my own client. Some part of me knows a session with me is miraculous. Some part of me knows I am gifted in the healing arts. Some part of me procrastinates being my own client, um, maybe I need to pay myself and then I would be more inclined.

Aha! Love those new perspectives. Perhaps that is exactly what has happened to open the door for this appointment. I have intent to be kinder to myself this year and have been paying myself in self care. Okay, okay, it’s all coming back to me now. Divine timing, got it, 3:33am, 4:44 am, 3:39am, divine timing! LOL!

Today I as I surrendered some old baggage through a combination of healing techniques and intuition, I reveal to myself parts of my programming that have continued to poke holes in my wholeness. Those emotional memories that had locked in some self sabotage and fears in my heart that have kept me from fully being my miraculous self and sharing that being more fully in the world.

Oh, I know, those of you who already love me are shocked. You see through my disguise
and into my soul because you are one with me. Bless you and thank you for that. And today I surrender too. Today I see more clearly through that disguise I created at 17 and more fully into my soul. Today I surrender to be more one with me too. There for I can be more one with you.

A work in progress for sure, I would share more, however my client insisted on a confidentiality agreement before I could move on the to major breakthrough portion.
I honor that. We are reestablishing safety within.

To know more, you will have to have your own session. I gratefully offer my professional assistance and my open-hearted love and acceptance. Really!

Teri Freesmeyer

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  1. You are a beautiful and radiant soul! Keep looking within and you will find all the "parts" of yourself that have been so endearing all along to all of those loving you!