Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello Bookstore! I've missed you.

I love those intuitive hunches that creep up on you as you wind down from a day of full out running from one appointment to the next. This one said "bookstore". So armed with the debit card, just in case, you know, and nothing more I walk brazenly in to my dear friends home. I had not been there in several months for just the joy of exploring.

Dear Bookstore, Oh how I have missed you. The abundance, the wafting scent of the enclosed coffee house, the muted music obscurely playing in the background, the twinkling overhead lights brightly shining so I may perooze the rows of delicious words encased in their lovely wraps, dressings, and blankets of all shapes and sizes.

The next hunch bleeps in to remind me I have forgotten the author of the book I am currently reading and already eager to finish and bite into the sequel. Yet as I bring to mind the book it appears in front of me on the shelf in the very row I am lingering! Love the synchronicity of the bookstore ambience.

My lovely friend. Once again you fill me with delight on this simple journey of self indulgence. Dessert for the mind. And like usual, you entice me with that nudge of peer pressure that pushes me over the edge into addiction once again and I find a second helping. Like your second cousin, the shoestore, I go and can never buy just one!

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